Other options to enrol in direct deposit also include online, in-person and by mail.
You may also: attach a "void" cheque to your direct deposit enrolment form; or complete an enrolment form during your next visit at your financial institution where a bank teller will assist you with your banking information.
Please select all that apply: A link, button or video is not working.For further information regarding your SIN, you should consult Service Canada.Your SIN will not be disclosed to your financial institution.After verification is completed, which may include the completion of legal forms, a new cheque will be issued or a new payment will be deposited.We recommend that you consult with a lawyer of your own choosing in order to be informed of your legal rights regarding bills of exchange.Please contact your payment issuing department to provide your new banking information.You can also contact.Direct deposit is secure because gift bag tutorial your payment cannot be lost or stolen, and it is much less costly than issuing a cheque.For more information, see Debunking tax myths.Often, there is also a phone number to call if you have questions.However, if you are required to repay any part of the Universal Child Care Benefit (reported on line 213 of your tax return) and registered disability savings plan (reported on line 232 of your tax return the CRA will include these amounts as part of your family.
Please ensure that the payment issuing department or agency has been informed of your appointment as a representative with Power of Attorney.
Please note the Universal Child Care Benefit (reported on line 117 of your tax return) and registered disability savings plan (reported on line 125 of your tax return) are not included as part of your family net income for the calculation of your GST/HST credit.
The Receiver General's Direct Deposit website provides information for Direct deposit for individuals with a Canadian bank account, Direct deposit for individuals with a foreign bank account and Direct deposit for businesses and suppliers on the various options and methods available to enrol your payments.This option provides a quick and efficient enrolment process by eliminating, the need to print a form, mail it in and include a "void" cheque.Do I have to provide my Social Insurance Number (SIN) to enrol in direct deposit?You can find contact information for all federal departments and agencies on the Government of Canada website or by calling 1 800 O-Canada ( ).Your public service pension and benefits portal - Retired member, or call (within Canada and the continental USA) or (from outside Canada or the continental USA - collect calls are accepted).It is recommended that you first contact the official responsible to follow-up on your behalf (please refer to your contract or order).I will be turning 19 years of age before April 1, 2019.Where the cheque has been requisitioned in Canadian currency and converted to local currency the amount on the cheque stub reflects the Canadian dollar value of the payment before it was converted to local currency.If for any reason the CRA cannot deposit a payment into your account, the CRA will mail a cheque to you at the address on file.

Since a common identifier is not used by all federal departments and agencies, you must contact each department or agency individually to enrol your payments in direct deposit.
You will find the contact information on the Receiver General's Direct Deposit website under: Why do I continue to receive cheques for certain payments when I get direct deposit for others?