good gifts for science nerds

Pun Gift Aluminum Water Bottle : Glasses have been associated with bookworm and make one of the best science gifts for men.
It is a set of four floppy disk coasters of different colors made of silicone.
After all, learning should never stop, even in the bathroom!
Nerd Adult costume : While we do not intend to brand people, there are no qualms in letting them express themselves.With this bright shower curtain with the Periodic Table printed.Funny physics t-shirts are found alongside serious science theory designs.Flying Alarm Clock, while everyone has heard of time flying, you can be sure even your geeky friend hasnt experienced this flying alarm clock.It even produces unique sounds whenever it clashes with another Lightsaber or any other object.However, its always an interesting feat to get gifts for science geeks and nerds.No amazon love gifts problem, heres a gift for the inner fashionista of your nerdy friend.This magnetic screwdriver set with 65 various bits would serve as a perfect electronics repair toolkit for mobile phones, gaming consoles, computers, laptops and other electronic gadgets.
I am sure every one of us would have come across somebody like that in our lives.After drying you just need to apply the magnetic force with nail polish cap for a few seconds and watch how the nail polish morphs into a unique design, a different one on each nail!So you know a science geek who is also into fashion?This wonderful and realistic lightsaber can be worn as a hilt on your waist and when you want, you can attach the removable blade which lights up and sounds exactly like the one in the movies.All of the microbes, bacteria, and viruses that you know and love (or maybe not) are available in huggable forms about a million times larger than real life.With the engraved pint glass, you can be funny and witty at the same time!Best Gifts ideas for science nerds Hope has morrisons stopped student discount they Love.