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Experiment with some other flavors. .
For no Reason at all, and then there's just the unexplained times when your taste leaves you with no excuse at all. .
Even if you like to stick to what you know, try to find two or three other flavors to swap between to keep things fresh.Vaper s tongue is a term used for those times when your taste buds just decide to pack up and go on vacation for a while. .These are the times that are probably the most frustrating. .You may not be olympic lodge port angeles discount code aware but, smoking ruins your sense of taste.FAQ to get all the information you need.The film acts as sort of a barrier isolating your tongue (and taste buds) from the vapor.
Maybe your compromised sense of taste will actually make that juice you hate actually taste decent.Your mouth contains a lot of moisture, which the vapor will suck up like a sponge.These new sensations can overload your sense of taste and strange things start happening.The ability to taste things slowly awakens after a lengthy slumber.For that matter it can even be unflavored e-liquid, your tongue won't know the difference anyway. .