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You can choose a classic look or go for styles that resemble narwhals, unicorns, or even s'mores.Check out these going-away-to-college gifts:.Additionally, something comforting, like a zip-up hoodie, can be your go-to item when you're doing something you love, like spending a quiet night in after a busy week at work.Freshman Year, july 25, 2018 by madelineaguirre, whether your best friends are going to college across the country from you, or maybe somewhere two hours away, saying goodbye is never easy.Some models also include flashlights.This is one of the going away to college gifts theyre bound to appreciate.Average price range20 to.Even if you can't afford something that will last for decades, you can always use something for a season or two and then keep it as a memento.Gifts for students who love science don't get much more unique than a stylized poster of their genetic code that can be hung on the wall.Fully stocked first aid kits are great college gifts that ensure a student is prepared to deal with minor cuts and scrapes.
In essence, diploma frames are a nice frame in which you can hang (and preserve) your actual diploma.I love this idea because you can make it so personal for your friend!This wall clock may not be that useful for telling the hour, but it's sure to elicit a chuckle or two from anyone who sees.Different birds / you / see / did?Wallet Now that your graduate is starting a new chapter of life (one that hopefully includes some income he or she might appreciate a new wallet.(If you're short on time, you might want to consider a pre-packaged gift basket full of goodies.).The guide below includes dozens of fun and practical ideas for college student gifts.

NFL seat belt pads If your guy is a football fan and a vehicle owner, let him demonstrate his team spirit by using these seat belt pads that celebrate different NFL teams.
There are styles and colors to suit every taste.
Wake-up light Part lamp and part alarm clock, these lights simulate a natural sunrise by gradually getting brighter 30 minutes before the alarm goes off at the scheduled wake-up time.