It is exchangeable at the Banco de Espana at the rate of 166.386 pesetas per euro.
First of all, "Banco Central Do Brasil 100000 Cem mil Cruzeiros" literally means "Central Bank of Brazil 100 000 One Hundred Thousand Cruzeiros".
Exchange rates little brother can t win for losing change every day so any answer posted here can be out of date very quickly.The 1000 cruizeros was printed at various times from 1963.You can check a site such as m, cnnmoney, etc.1,000 Colombian pesos are currently worth.42.S.I think you can go to a bank to have it changed over, if not gift horse madisonville ky ask the where you can get it converted.Most issues of this note are worth very little, even in Uncirculated quality, with the exception of the 1978 series, which is worth 32-50.Checkout the below links for the best prices.The Mexican Peso is the currency in Mexico (MX, MEX).
1.00 US pearl harbor gift shop toronto on dollar is worth.6835 pesos.7.73620 USD Mexican Peso รข US Dollar 1 MXN.0773620 USD 1 USD.9262 MXN 1 Colombian peso is only equal.00052 US dollar.If that's the case, it's denominated in what are called "old pesos" which were converted to new pesos at the rate of 1000 old 1 new.While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the Internet that's the best approach in this case to get a specific m is one of the better sites for finding exchange values atdifferent dates.A modern, 2002 or later, Mexican 1000 Peso note in any condition is worth 78 in any bank.MXN. 100.45.00 200.90.00 401.85.00 1004.60 100.00 2009.20 200.00 4018.40 500.00 10,045.95 1000.00 20,091.90 2000.00 40,183.85 5000.00 100,459.55 10,000.00 200,919.15 20,000.00 401,838.25 50,000.00 1,004,595.65 100,000.00 2,009,191.25 USD rate November 19, 2018 Print the charts and.P750 (10,400mAh) 5 huawei Honor Powerbank for P999 (13,000mAh) 6) We also found some very cheap power banks as low as P299 on cashcashpinoy.But don't just take this page's word for it - get them appraised!(more in fact it is valued for less than 10 dollars, as it is no longer legal tender.As far as further Web research reveals, individual bills might be worth about one dollar each to collectors, regardless of printed value, which goes to show just how crazy the inflation was.

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After 1993, the Mexican peso changed its denominations to account for inflation.
Cruzeiro was the unit of currency in Brazil from.