gifted but twisted

Twistedgifted make the sun shine on rainy days.
We delivered the presentation this morning and handed out the magazine at the end to a ripple of appreciation we even got a round of applause!We loaded your account with your Twitter details.Boom kiddies, the ice cream man is reusable coffee cup discount back.A special thanks to the talented team at Twistedgifted for creating our laser gift tags new and amazing juicers co uk discount code imagery on the website, they really are breathtaking).I'm fat like Kris Kringle, turn shit to a single, got money in the bank, stackin bitches like pringles.Smoke Kush like Lil' Wayne, i stay hardcore when I'm getting it on and I'ma hit it and quit like I was doing your mom.
I'm puffin' swishers like a boss 'Cause that's how we do, you're puffing on your last breath homie.
I cant recommend Paul and Claire at Twistedgifted highly enough.The last part of your Myspace URL.And everywhere I go I always reek of marijuana.Learn more about how to retrieve an existing account.Getting in is easy.We've emailed you instructions on how to reset your password.Just, rubbing your genie but you ain't getting no wishes.

When it sounds so sick when I spit this flow.
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