Located in the Bay Front Inn, the Pier cooking gifts for grandma Plaza Restaurant delivers a solid menu, but whats even better is enjoying a Wisconsin beer or a local-strawberry or raspberry daiquiri at the bar.
Do Madeline Island School of the Arts, offering a variety of fine arts, craft and writing classes from May-September, is the reason many people visit the area.
Somehow, Bayfield manages its thriving tourism industry without becoming commercialized or overcrowded, but while also developing a rich dining and shopping scene to equal its scenic appeal.
Play its wide greens, surrounded by lake views, and then unwind on the patio at the Apostle Highlands Bar.Check their Facebook page for music and event listings.The Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce offers the most extensive and updated listing.The sandstone cliffs and caves that give the Apostle Islands such unusual beauty have mirror images beneath the waves, and Lake Superiors infamous, sometimes violent weather have created a labyrinth of shipwrecks that attract scuba divers worldwide.Boat is the best way to explore the caves in summer (kayak, stand-up paddleboard or canoe for the most intimate exploration but if youre lucky enough to be there when an ice bridge has formed, you can even hike or snowshoe to some of the.Please send written inquiries and notices to T J's Gift Shop from abroad to the international fax number or to the company email address.Apostle Island Cruises ferry to Madeline Island for the day (.
If happy hour turns into a whole happy evening, the Egg Toss Bakery is the place to go the next morning.
BlueGreen is serious, locally sourced, sustainable food, plus live music, making it a perfect spot for breakfast or a night out.Whether youre interested in ghosts, architecture or local history, Bayfield Ghost and History Walks is a great way to get your fix.Bayfield Maritime Museum after it closed during the slow economy. They were all born in Washburn, Wisconsin and have grown up on the farm s o we are very well planted like the trees in our orchard.A grand, restored mansion is your home at the Pinehurst Inn, where you can find upscale amenities like in-room whirlpools, fireplaces and an on-site spa.Here youll find whimsical gifts and home goods, as well as two stories of handcrafted items of all kinds: ceramics, glass, paintings, fiber arts and jewelry.Candy Shoppe is a quintessential, quaint, small town sweets stop, but its nothing like average.