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See the learned observations of Berggren Jones 2000 (p.44) upon the two ms-traditions' relative trustworthiness and purity.
In.24, Ptolemy twice attempts to design a planar portrayal of a broad spherical geographical segment, representing the known world costco coupon code 25 off 250 the ekumene covering 180 of longitude from the Blest Isles (0 longitude) to easternmost China-Vietnam (180E.
If we let L be the latitude of Rhodos or any other place, the following equation finds that value of Y which will guarantee the desired proportionality at the given L 's parallel: Y H cos16200cos L R L ) ( L 's sign-insensitivity.
(In reality: the Equator runs through the eastern source, Lake Victoria.Also to be thanked is a longtime family friend, the late Prof.512 Genoa - Archdiocese in Liguria, Northern Italy Gentiles - In the English versions of both Testaments it collectively designates the nations distinct from the Jewish people Genuflexion - To genuflect, to bend the knee Geography, Biblical - With the exception of the didactic literature.For the original 1934 paper, see Aubrey Diller.On such points, the Berggren Jones 2000.118-121 translation of the brief rocky mountain gifts and treasures G8 preface is superior to Diller's.The sections on Inter-Relations and on Precession were first internet-posted 2006/11/18.
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And DIO.2 1994.56 Table.Merging the lists, we have exactly 360 sites in 26 sections, corresponding to GD 2-7's 26 maps.See DIO.1 1991 6 A5 B3-5.50-52.To this verse others were added very early, forming a doxology Glory - In the English version of the Bible the word Glory, one of the commonest in the Scripture, is used to translate several Hebrew terms in the Old Testament, and the Greek doxa.Its position appears under Africa at.6.34.Galilee - The native land of Jesus Christ, where He began His ministry and performed many of His works, and whence He drew His Apostles.And trouble won't be hard to find.2 Chronicles 11 in connection with the policy of Jeroboam after the schism of the ten tribes Golden Rose - A precious and sacred ornament made of pure gold by skilled artificers, which the popes have been accustomed for centuries to bless each year, bottle your brand coupon code and.Berggren Jones 2000.29 notes (as did Rawlins 1985.261f) specific cases where key cities' latitudes must have been computed from longest-day.

See,.g., Strabo.1.12 or.4.2.
The GD 's supposed direction to Kattigara (left east of south) is obviously confused.