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Travis Steele kidded about adding a couple minutes to Friday night's 10 minute mens' scrimmage at Cintas.
Lady Muskies Win Big East Opener at Butler.
VP Mike Pence to rally for Republicans in Roswell.Developing basketball skills is super-important, but you also need to spend a considerable amount of time on developing athleticism.Next UP FOR xavier.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Now before we delve into all of the reasons that you should play man to man defense at the youth and middle school level, let's examine why youth coaches typically go to zones, presses, and other defenses, the systemic issues, and why zone defenses and.As these youth players get older, all of the sudden these bad defensive habits get exposed because kids are bigger, stronger, more coordinated, and more skilled.I realize that I'm spoiled because I coach in Kansas City, so it's easier to find similar competition due to the large population, but do your best to find teams that will be productive to play against.There is nobody to trap or bail you out, except for help defense.Bottom line, this argument alone would deter me away bath and body works 10 off coupon code from zone defenses, because of my demonia discount code background and belief that athleticism is so important not only in the game of basketball, but in all sports.As we've been saying all along, young kids should start out playing 3v3 half court, then 4v4, where to buy xbox gift cards uk then 5v5.
Their legs get stronger, faster, more coordinated, and more athletic.So you have to move faster, work harder and smarter, and react quicker to keep the ball in front of you or out of the middle of the court.You also have to know man to man defense principles to have success at the higher levels even if you use zone defense as your primary defense.Guards Jada Byrd and Aaliyah Dunham scored a career-high 18 and 11 points respectively, while forward Imani Partlow picked up a double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds.I prefer to try a sagging / pack-line type defense to counter the more athletic teams.Over 100,000 other coaches, players, parents have already subscribed.

If you use zone defenses and presses, while you read this article, please remember that we're not judging you or trying to be condescending by any means, because we've used zone defenses and presses at the youth level as well.
Some youth coaches barely get 20 practices within two seasons.