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The widespread acknowledged use of the poem in America started in the 1980's.Anesidora ancient Greek : "she who sends up gifts" 5 ( up implying "from below" within the earth).Words, as a person who writes in order to figure out what I think, Ive always found order and comfort in the slow, halting explorations that bring words to the page.All of a sudden, my kids were up to their ears in gifts!For other uses, see, pandora (disambiguation).Thus, Pandora was created as the first woman and given the jar (mistranslated as 'box which releases all evils upon man."Its attitude towards women is decidedly more illiberal than that of epic; a good wife is indeed the best prize a man can win (702 but a bad one is the greatest curse; generally speaking women are a snare and a temptation (3735) and Pandora."all" and, dron,.e.And in between, on a February day that held a promise of spring in the air, there was an hour to spend catching up with a friend.One item, however, did not escape the jar (969 Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house, she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not fly away.
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For as long as I can recall, its simply been there, surviving various moves and purges, decades of change.
Contents Hesiod, both in his Theogony (briefly, without naming Pandora outright, line 570) and in Works and Days, gives the earliest version of the Pandora story.I wrote down the names of people I most wanted to see.Following is an adapted version of the poem so you can get an idea of what it is about."Pando'ra" Smith, William ; Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, London (1873).2001 Elizabeth Lucas Designs All Rights Reserved.She is pictured as sprawled over a carved wooden chest on which are embossed golden designs of the three fates who figure as a chorus in Longfellows scene.