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The rewards might not appear if you start FH3 first and then play FM6 or FH2 for the first time later.
Create Post r/forza Rules.Example website display as of E3 (Tier 9 Edited by user Reason: Not specified m spreadsheets Forza Calendars @ManteoMax).Forza Rewards at launch, based on your Forza Rewards Tier when you launch the game, you'll receive up to nine cars.It turning 40 gifts for her was introduced on August 19, 2013 for.For every subsequent Tier, players receive higher credit payouts, with the highest payout becoming unlocked upon reaching the highest possible Tier."Forza Motorsport 5 Launch Rewards".Tier 1 - 0, tier 2 - 100, tier 3 - 500."Rewards in Forza Horizon 2".Miles Driven (2000) - 350 pts Perks Unlocked (25) - 250 pts Ultimate Passes (50) - 50 pts The total Forza Rewards Point range is now 20,000 with Tier 10 (the top tier) starting at 15,000.Loyalty Rewards and Forza Rewards in FH3.
Driver Level (100) - 350 pts.They include additional credit rewards, cars and Driver Gear, and are given out cumulatively.References "Forza Rewards is Here".Tier 10 - 15,000, tier 11 - 17,500, tier 12 - 20,000.FM6/FH2 Gameplay Rewards, if you've played FM6 or FH2, you will receive a corresponding gift car.Community Details.4k, online, a subreddit for discussion of the Forza Motorsport and Horizon franchises.Contents show, tiers, every player starts at Tier 1 and becomes eligible for weekly rewards after reaching Tier.Tier 10: 2017 Ford GT, forza Rewards Overview, forza Rewards is a loyalty program that tracks your activity across the history of Forza games.Tier 5: 2012 BMW M5, tier 6: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia.Roads Discovered (250) - 200 pts.

These gift cars are not DLC models; if you do not meet the criteria before starting the game you will still be able to access the models in game like other cars.
Forza Rewards FAQ thread for more information.
FH3 Points objectives (3000 total) - updated on September 14, 2016: Bucket List Items (30) - 400 pts.