Craig presents this in a way that is eminently comprehensible and spends enough time reinforcing the idea of hacking a car safely, legally, and ethically.
A few days after I d artagnan shipping promo code picked up my car, low and behold, I noticed the garage didnt do a complete oil change.
The two most technically complex things I own are my car and my computer, and there is much more information available on how to fix or modify any part of my computer.
Before last years Def Con, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek made a name for themselves by taking.The oil life indicator wasnt reset, which means every time I turn my car on, Ill have to press a button to clear an ominous glowing warning on my dash.Its a book telling the reader how to control a ton and a half of rolling death safely.The chapter begins with the sub-heading, Analyzing Circuit Boards, with the simple instruction, When reversing a circuit board, first everyone is gifted look at the model number of the microcontroller chips on the board.I dont think this is a bad thing.You simply dont remotely commandeer a vehicle while someone is driving it on a highway.This is, after all, a book on car hacking.
This is an introduction to pen testing, finding exploits, and futzing around with embedded electronics.Craig provides an excellent introduction to what can be done to hack a car, but presents it under the banner of hacking, without cars involved at all.Charlie and Chris had the opportunity to use a closed track for this demo for a tech journo, but didnt.The garage I take my car to is generally okay, theyre more honest than a stealership, but they dont cross all their ts and dot all their lowercase.This is a guide on how to reverse engineer, exploit, and modify any kind of embedded system; cars are just the example.This is how you begin to break down every bit of electronics, from cheap WiFi routers to broken Internet of Things devices.For the majority of the population, I can easily see this being a reason to take a car back to the shop; the mechanic either didnt know how to do it, or didnt know how to use Google.ECUs to pass California emissions control standards, Google and Teslas self-driving cars, to hacking infotainment systems to drive reporters off the road.The only thing missing from this book is dropping acid and looking at the layers of metal and polysilicon in a chip, a subject that could fill several volumes.Open Garages, one of the best repositories for vehicle documentation that you wont find in a Haynes manual.