They are a small company composed of three people dedicated to bringing quality books to the Internet.
The volume of surviving Greek texts is so slender that it arouses speculation about the nature of the large book collections of Alexandria.
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They will give you a home page and list your book.
There was an issue with their bank, which has been resolved; it was a banking error.
"Clearly you've never been to Singapore.Printing first began in Russia in 1552, with the help of a printer from Copenhagen.March 2013 update: and yet another report of nonperformance, nonresponse, and irrelevant response.Only one-fourth of the texts by Stobaeus, an anthologist of the 5th century ad, survived to modern times.February 2009 update: more negatives.July 2009 update: I am learning more about how they cover their operating expenses: with anthologies and individual stories donated by their authors.

Make sure your contract has a deadline that automatically reverts the rights to you if they don't publish by a certain date.