Go to Store - iTunes Store (in the left column).
Yes you can in some places but i dont know why u would want to :D i am pretty sure you can imean why not.Then call the Apple Store and they will give you a replacement.(more if the gift cards are to thank the guests at your wedding for their gifts then it would be tacky to ask for gift cards and you can purchase them in boxes (much cheaper) in a large drug store; card shop and sometimes book.You can have an actual card shipped or have an "ecard" where they email you the gift card basically.You can purchase gift cards that are reloadable or ones that just have a certain amount on them.Some stores such as target, let you trade in a target card for an itunes card, but make sure they are same price.There big movie buff and like movies so you can go to your local movie theater and ask for a gift card with say.00 dollars on it and there can used to buy tickets or drinks, candy or popcorn at the food counter.No many people use these rather than buy a specific item from a supplier it makes it easier for the recipient to go to the company and buy what exactly what they want.
Old enough to reach over the counter and hand the money to the cashier.So say you have a family member you not sure what to buy but you know what there like.(ex: 25 target card - 25 itunes card).Whenever a site offers a free gift, it is wise to do a search engine search for information about the site and to be cautious about giving the site any personal financial information.When you redeem your gift card that you can buy at wallgreens, target, walmart, gamestop, etc.It may not exactly say Fantage Card but is called a Ultimate Game Card Here are a fewplaces you can find them.A little tab will pop up and will be asking for you PIN e tab says "redeem card" ick on next d fill out the other info.In Essence the Corporate Gift Card Acts Like a Prepaid Card While the Regular Gift Card Does Not and Can Only Be Used Until the Amount That Was Deposited First Is a little luxury promotion code Used.