diy gifts for boyfriend mason jar

Giveaway Closed, prize: One box of treasure from.
A jar, lego figure and blocks, glitter, loctite Super Glue.I love to give DIY gifts like homemade candies or handmade blankets to my friends and family, but getting all those gifts finished before December 25th arrives is not easy!Gifts for Gardeners Gift the gift of a new gift tax exemption green thumb by helping someone special start a DIY square foot garden.Soak the label off your jar and give it a good clean.Bundle the food gift with a book if the giftee is working on their culinary skills.Carefully put the wad of stuffing or batting on the shiny side of the flat so that the fabric is facing your palm, batting, and then the flat.Follow me on Pinterest leave a separate telling me you.Today I want to show you one of my favorite handmade gifts this year and give you a chance to win one of your very own plus some of my very favorite things.
Lets look at some toys for the big boys.
Plush Pet in a Jar.I was inspired by the all the mint ideas from my pin board, so I added some peppermint extract and a drop of green food coloring to give it that lovely minty-green look.Build your Lego scene.Spend more by gifting wrapped chocolates and other tasty candies.So gifting food that sells in a jar is not a bad present for those foodies who love something specific.Buttons, pins, needles, notions wrapped around clothespins (Ric-Rac, ribbon, yarn, elastic).I frequent Facebook and Pinterest most, so by all means, tag along and say hello.