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Henckels Take Apart Kitchen Shears are a good option for 15, as are the 10 Kitchen Aid Professional Shears, which I own and adore.Buy now Füri Pro Seven-piece Wood Knife Block Set With Diamond Sharpener: 124.94, Harts of Stur This Füri knife set looks smart, with Japanese high-carbon stainless steel blades and a distinctive utilitarian metal finish.You know the jobs.If you live in a hectic household, try Western-style stainless steel knives that are harder wearing, have a more durable 22 blade angle and usually a bolster for easier grip.The deeper blade cut butternut squash well and didnt get stuck.Overall the Classic Ikon was a favourite as it combined Wüsthofs traditional style with modern, ergonomic handles and a contemporary knife block.Butternut squash didnt stick to the chefs knife and our testers loved the small paring knife for its surgical precision, as well as the fine tip on all the knives, which made them outstanding on detailed tasks.The slightly teardrop shaped handle fit snugly in the hand, and we liked the even weighting between the blade and handle.Matching 15cm utility knives, one of which is serrated, would suit cooks who prefer more small knives for multiple tasks.Buy now, tog set of three Petty, Santoku and Gyuto: 370, Tog knives.A 7 or 8 Santoku : This is a bit of a personal choice, because I actually prefer the way that a Santoku handles compared to a chefs knife for many tasksusually for multipurpose slicing and for cutting vegetables, but Ive found the Santokus snub-curved.
Still, once you have the basics down, one of these can be a big help.
They dont come in a block, so theyre best stored on a magnetic wall mount.
Smooth handles fit easily into the hand, and the bolster provides a good grip.With the WMF knife blocks, you can have a modern, aesthetically pleasing accessory for your kitchen.We liked the knife block design, as its practical and not pretentious (much like the knives themselves) and our testers especially liked the spot for kitchen scissors you probably already own.The curved handle is ergonomically designed, so your hand wont get tired if you settle into a long cooking session.We get that, but if you stick to the essentials and go with the bang-for-the-buck options listed here, youll probably spend less and wind up with knives thatll last you much, much longer and hold their edge longer before you need to sharpen them (or.If in doubt, make the decision based on the chefs knife or santoku, as thats what youll use most often.Your knives will stay happy, youll have the tools for whatever you want to cook, youll have saved a bunch of money, and most importantly, youll be safe in the kitchen.Americas Test Kitchen likes the Wusthof Classic.5 Paring Knife (40 but if youre sensing a theme, the.Keep Your Knives Out of the Utensil Drawer to Keep Them Sharp and Happy If you keep your cooking knives in a drawer with the rest of your utensils, you may be doing some Read more Read Title illustration by Brian Hagen.

If you need some more suggestions, this recent Kinja Co-Op has a few more.
Magnetic WMF knife blocks are also a favourite with our customers.