All you have to do is pull the shutters into place before a hurricane to prevent damage and broken windows.
Glass panes come in a variety of styles and opacity including Turtle Glass/Greylite and Energy Star Climate Zone packages.
First, the discounts mentioned prize linked savings account california above are not cumulative.
Under Floridas Home Inspection and Matching Grant Program My Safe Florida Home, qualified homeowners may recoup up to 5,000 of the cost of making specific upgrades to their home.The most effective type of impact-resistant window is the inner-membrane window.12, 2006, since the past two hurricane seasons, much has been written about how well homes built under the post-Andrew stricter building codes faired during the storms.Impact resistant windows have advanced to the point where they are thoroughly tested to withstand Category 5 wind conditions following The American Society for Testing Materials (astm) guidelines (.Benefits of Eco Storm Hurricane Windows.How discounts are applied: Before estimating discounts, it is important to understand some facts.
Sold through a network of over 1,300 independent distributors, the companys total line of custom windows and doors is now available throughout the eastern United States, the Gulf Coast and in a growing international market, which includes the Caribbean, South America and Australia.
The Energy Conservation Code requires that impact-resistant windows must comply with maximum U-factor.75 or less and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (shgc) between.30 or less.Qualified discounts are only applied to the wind part of your premium.If you live along the Gulf or Atlantic coast, its important to make sure your hurricane windows feature environmentally-friendly Turtle Glass.Its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces.Alter your roof shape to a hip roof (Sloped on all four sides like a pyramid) - up to 23 percent reduction.Blend Images - REB Images / Getty Images.

Add to that the scary thought that hurricane winds coming in through broken windows can create dangerous pressures inside your home that can collapse your walls and roof.
Aluminum could probably be the strongest of the three, providing excellent results when hurricane conditions are present.
Their main drawback is that they will need to be painted with time.