daily rewards login

You can claim your daily reward from one of the following areas: The Announcement panel, right after you load into your character.
The Cumulative Login Bonus for the 100th Day, and for every 50 days is now raised from (note: This change was applied only for JP not in NA) 20.This next time though I was incredibly careful to make sure I logged in daily.The new, daily Login Calendar found in the Crown Store.Destination Arcterra Additional login rewards have been added.This article is a stub.Played an assault match and everything.
Login days do not have to be consecutive to count.
08:57 AM #1, i'm not sure if this is bugged or if I'm just doing something wrong, but twice now my daily login reward has been reset.
Rewards are based on how many days you have logged in consecutively and the age of your account.Login Rewards are sent to all players gift Boxes at 04:00 JST (JP server 04:00 UTC (US server).No hassles of installing new apps everyday to earn yourself rewards.Every day a player logs in, gift prints photography they'll earn a new reward.I am very confused as to why this is happening and think it might be a bug.You must log into the game and access the announcements section.Right before logging out, rewards become available to claim at 12AM UTC each day, and the collection of rewards will refresh on the first day of each calendar month.Patch Fixed issue where sometimes the daily reward panel would not display anything when loading back into a character already in the world.