Extension properties, you can add custom properties to any CRT entity and send it to POS.
The following table shows the requests in the Customer service.
Adding pre-triggers and post-triggers for a specific request In some cases, some processing must be done before or after a request is handled.
To make this scenario work, you can add the new action through inheritance.add source"assembly" value" Your assembly name " / Use inetmgr to browse to the retail server metadata and verify whether your entity is exposed in the xml.Developments in global demand expectations since 2017:Q3 have reversed the largely supply-induced weakness in oil prices throughout the first half of 2017.ReadyRegistered true; return eateResolved * Perform the conditional registration of triggers.Debugging CRT To debug CRT from POS, you should attach the CRT extension project to the w3wp.The EmailPreference sample in the Retail SDK provides a good end-to-end example.The customizer is responsible for providing the SQL objects as part of the customization.In the pre-trigger, you can do some validation, custom logic, and.Steps Create the extension table for Retail parameters in the channel table that has the primary key puritan pride coupon code november 2014 relation to the main table.
Likewise, if you set an extension property in CRT, it will be available in POS.
Note that you can register single types or all types from an assembly.Public class MyCustomersController : CustomersController HttpPost new string stomer, CommerceRoles.CustomersSearchServiceRequest, this request is run when you do a customer search lovell rugby free gift from POS.Override the handler, and call the base request to set values in the main table (CustTable) and then the extension table.Ts" / / reference path"ApplicationTriggers.A new Retail Server controller makes sense, and all the low-level work is done in the CRT (new entity, request, response, gift shopkeeper wow and service).Override the requirements of the model factory to add the new corresponding metadata.