Its shame if they want to return your gift.
Just so long as you personalize the note upfrontThen instead of having a hallmark card they throw in a box or a drawer, they can put the book breath of the wild gifts on their shelf and admire it for a lifetime.
Provide some life advice, presented to big Ron When all else fails read the instructions.
Regardless, the best book inscriptions do one or more of the following:.Some people say you should never inscribe a book when you give it as a gift, because it cant be undone.First of all, a book in itself is a great gift.When Should You Inscribe a book?Who cares if its not going to be worth a ton of money?The point is to find one of the early pages in the book that does not have too much extraneous text, so the inscription stands out.A tall stack of new purchases is on one of my dining room chairs waiting for a home. .Im not talking about that illegible autograph from Mr Famous Authorpants you got that one day when you waited in line for 3 hours at Barnes Noble.The only time you may want to avoid inscribing a book is if youre buying someone a college textbook you know will be exchanged after they finish a class.Presumably, the reason youre giving someone a book is because youve read it, you enjoyed it, and you think they might enjoy it as well.
The Inscribed Book as Greeting Card.The other group of naysayers says you shouldnt inscribe a bookespecially if its rare or vintagebecause it could ruin the resale value.Seems a bit lazy, doesnt it?Fond thoughts always, Tim.The best place to inscribe a book is traditionally the top of the inside cover page or inside cover.So, really any occasion when youd give a gift, like a Hannukah, Christmas, birthdays, graduation, anniversariesThe recipient doesnt even need to be able to read yet.The point is that you thought of them.I have to admit, it sounds like a pretty cool idea.(more advertisements, read Full Post ยป).Point is, giving someone a book is one of the more personal gifts you can give. .

I had it most days for lunch, so I thought, 'I'll do that when I get back and now it's in my cookbook, an absolute favourite.
There I said.
Silva, 37 years my Poe book has been on my bookshelf.