As an example, lets take two different bullets of the same design traveling at the same velocity.
Before we focus in on specific ranges using our ten selected rounds, we wanted to provide a visual of only two rounds, one for each cartridge, that are made from the same manufacture and have similar bullet weights (Graph 4).
The.338 LM rounds have a much higher kinetic energy than the.300 Win Mag rounds throughout the 500-yard range except for the.338 LM Hornady SP-RP Interlock gift shops bayfield wi 250gr which chilliwack corn maze coupon code falls into the.300 Win Mag range at the 400 and 500-yard mark.What is different is that with more rounds, the difference between banish promo code 2016 the averages has gotten narrower by several inches.As you can see, if you go with heavier.300 Win Mag rounds, such as the Barnes Precision Match OTM 220gr, you can get SD similar to the.338 LM rounds.A Brief History.300 Winchester Magnum, the.300 Win Mag is a 30-cal bullet that came into production by Winchester in 1963.A bull moose is going to require more penetration than a whitetail deer.Lets take a look at the larger data sets and see if we still observe these same trends.Its 2200 ft-lbs at the muzzle isnt much, but neither is 200 yards when youre talking about long rang shooting.IMR 4350 was chosen since there are loads in all four calibers for that powder, and we want uniformity.We have seen that the.338LM has excellent ballistic coefficients and we also saw that it maintained its velocity at a higher rate than the.300 Win Mag rounds.How this trajectory translates to accuracy can be debated, but we think the slightly flatter overall trajectory of the.300 Win Mag makes it a little easier on you adjusting shot placement for a given range.The sectional density of the.200 round is going to be higher, and it should penetrate deeper than the.300 round.
Thats approaching safari rounds.
By looking at these ballistic characteristics, we are going to gain a lot of valuable information to better determine which shooting application each cartridge might be better suited for.
We have a 12lb rifle weight for the.338 rounds and a 10lb rifle weight for the.300 Win Mag round to better simulate the weight of firearms you would be using in the field.So, we have calculated the bullet momentum for the ten selected rounds and graphed them below (Graph 9).With that being said, we will note that.338 LM do use larger caliber bullet compared to the.308 and when looking at the same bullet, youre going to have a larger wound created with the larger caliber bullet.Below, you can find the average bullet drop at long range for these cartridges.We have seen plenty of deer and other medium sized game taken with this rifle at 300 yards.S will not be enough.We dont want to have to track an animal for miles, and we dont want to put an injured animal out there with unnecessary suffering.