(b) If the centers for medicare and medicaid services of the United States department of health and human services determines that the taxation of transactions described in division (B 11) (a) of this section constitutes an impermissible health care-related tax under the "Social Security Act.
(XX) "Satellite broadcasting service" means the distribution or broadcasting of programming or services by satellite directly to the subscriber's receiving equipment without the use of ground receiving or distribution equipment, except the subscriber's receiving equipment or equipment used in the uplink process to the satellite.With this kind of a track record, theres really only one thing left to check off the list, a dream that many (nearly every) cigar enthusiast sharescreator and owner of a cigar brand.For the purposes of this division: (1) A "competitive professional racing event" is a motor vehicle racing event sanctioned by one or more motor racing sanctioning organizations, at which aggregate cash prizes in excess of eight hundred thousand dollars are awarded to the competitors.For the purposes of this division, a gift card is not sold by a vendor or purchased by a consumer if it is distributed pursuant to an awards, loyalty, or promotional program.Not long after, there are biting notes of white pepper zest in the nostrils.(MM) "Physical fitness facility service" means all transactions by which a membership is granted, maintained, or renewed, including initiation fees, membership dues, renewal fees, monthly minimum fees, and other similar fees and dues, by a physical fitness facility such as an athletic club, health spa.(3) A person who performs a facility management, or similar service contract for a contractee is a consumer of all tangible personal property and services purchased for use in connection with the performance of such contract, regardless of whether title to any such property vests.(PP) "Livestock structure" means a building or structure used exclusively for the housing, raising, feeding, or sheltering of livestock, and includes feed storage or handling structures and structures for livestock waste handling.41102; (s) On and after August 1, 2003, motor vehicle towing service is or is to be provided.
Of the Revised Code, or would be required to be so licensed in performing such services in this state, and also includes the services of conducting polygraph examinations and of monitoring or overseeing the activities on or in, or the condition of, the consumer's home.
Of the Revised Code and is under contract with the department of medicaid pursuant to section 5167.10 of the Revised Code.
TLD marks the third cigar from Dunbarton to come out of Joya de Nciaragua (JDN and the concept feels like an homage, of sorts, to Nicaraguas oldest manufacturer.(3) "900 service" means an inbound toll telecommunications service purchased by a subscriber that allows the subscriber's customers to call in to the subscriber's prerecorded announcement or live service, and which is typically marketed under the name "900 service" and any subsequent numbers designated.In addition to being consumers chicago tattoo convention promo code of drugs administered by them or by their assistants according to their direction, veterinarians also are consumers of drugs that under federal law may be dispensed only by or upon the order of a licensed veterinarian or physician, when transferred.(L) "Casual sale" means a sale of an item of tangible personal property that was obtained by the person making the sale, through purchase or otherwise, for the person's own use and was previously subject to any state's taxing jurisdiction on its sale or use.Employment service is or is to be provided; (l employment placement service is or is to be provided; (m exterminating service is or is to be provided; (n physical fitness facility service is or is to be provided; (o recreation and sports club service.As used in this division, "snow removal service" means the removal of snow by any mechanized means, but does not include the providing of such service by a person that has less than five thousand dollars in sales of such service during the calendar year.A transit authority that includes territory in more than one county must include all the area of the most populous county that is a part of such transit authority.(N) "Transient guests" means persons occupying a room or rooms for sleeping accommodations for less than thirty consecutive days.(Q) "Refining" means removing or separating a desirable product from raw or contaminated materials by distillation or physical, mechanical, or chemical processes.