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We asked for advice on choosing a floral scent from Chanel.
This may be just "My" experience, but I have found it interesting that a number of men like the deeper, almost manly fragrances on me - which first anniversary gift ideas for friends have a similar note and chord to men's fragrances.
They really love the smell of it, probably because it is in a range that they typically wear themselves.
Knowing is almost an aphrodisiac to a lot of men.As you can tell for yourself when you read the reviews.Well update you when Chanel gets back with.If you are the type to go "into judgement" of green, vetiver-type fragrances.This is a beautiful perfume, but didn't make the cut on lasting for hours.I think that it would appeal to men simply because it may remind them of the outdoors.This is cool, I like the fact that you could play off of these fragrances and possibly layer them over or under one another when you respray the fragrance for evening.I am looking for a fragrance that wears at least 8 hours.And can tell the difference between overt sex appeal - and the come hither look in the eye that can say more than smacking someone over the head - and dragging them back to your cave., this is a great "find"- I found this.
Both Chrystal and David Yurman have a higher endurance with my chemistry, but the first 2-4 hours of Eau Fraiche was really delicious!Contacting Chanel Customer Service Center, chanel is a fashion company that sells clothing, accessories and perfume among other high-end items.Chanel sells items directly and they offer information about where customers can purchase Chanel items offline.Out of 3 fragrance "Noses" that smelled this, they all 3 chose Chance Eau du Fraiche.Vetiver, Tobacco, Green, Fresh - something similar to Eau du Ciel that would last longer, but would be just as fresh.Are all examples of this.

They either love this, or hate.