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Whole gap Term used in data editing to denote an interval of uncovered viewing that lasts the entire viewing session.
Break (see also Commercial Break ) Break position Position of a commercial spot within a break;.g.Playback of recorded live transmissions)."Jay Z promotes 'artist-owned' music streaming brand".With respect to selected demographic and/or other variables.AVI files contain both audio and video data in a standard container that allows simultaneous playback.Audio Relating to sound or its reproduction; used in the transmission or reception of sound.
Peoplemeter Generic name for the electronic measurement system which monitors the channel that a TV set is tuned to and the individuals present in the room while the TV set is switched.Frequency distribution Distribution showing the percentage of the target audience population who have viewed a schedule of advertising spots christmas gift wife first year (or sequence of programmes) at each level of frequency.Impacts also referred to as gross impressions.Respondent level viewing data Same as Disaggregated viewing data - Processed viewing data held at the level of individual respondents.Nil viewing may refer to (a) household nil viewing, (b) individual nil viewing or (c) nil viewing by TV set.She stated "I love Jay-Z so much, but Tidal is (so) pet insurance voucher expensive compared to other perfectly good streaming services, he's taken the biggest artists.

Aggregated viewing data Processed viewing data that have been converted into total viewing estimates (e.g.
"Tidal fires its CFO and COO".