bigg boss 9 prize money

Priya says to Mandana nandos rewards points that this song implies one has to leave house today, Mandana agrees.
15 Lakhs and decreases the california collar co coupon code winning prize amount.
In the very weekend episode of last week came the famous.
She says girls have less competition, Mandana, Rochelle and Priya are not contenders for winning, Prince says Keith is my competitor, but i have fan following, Kishwar says everyone has that.Priya tells Rishab that Mandana have hidden flour as she wants to cook for herself, i will reheat last nights parathas for you.10:00pm, priya says i never thought i will feel so bad about Kishwar leaving, i make friends difficultly but when i make it then its difficult for me to detached with them, Rishab says she was my enemy but i am feeling pur minerals coupon code bad too.Manu Punjabi's Re entry, after performing the final rituals of his mother's funeral, Manu returned to Bigg Boss but was not sent to the house and instead, asked to join Priyanka in the secret room from where he spied on the other house members.5:28pm, rishab asks Mandana to clean his mop, Mandana says i wont clean it, Rishab says then i will not clean washroom are, Mandana says i have done kitchen work too, you cant clean a mop?Priya says flour was less and Mandana has taken half from.He says to Mandana that she couldnt do any work in 13weeks, what will she do now, Mandana says you are burning, Bigg boss open exhaust, Rishab says atleast dont use my words, do come in finale to clap for me, let me ask vote.Priya is making parathas, Mandana says you are not making it well, Priya says Keith likes it less oily, Priyas hair falls on flour, she throws that side of flour, Mandana says you cant make prathas, Priya says i have made it earlier too,.Written By, resham Sengar 107297 reads Mumbai Published: October 19, 2015 04:27.Priya says to Mandana that my hairs are usually tied, it was open today and you made issue, Mandana says i saw your hairs in kitchen earlier too, Mandana says the thing was that your hair was going in flour, thats why i asked you.They come in kitchen, paratha is being burnt, Mandana says i cant eat this, Keith says it got burned by mistake, Mandana shows him flour which she took for her paratha, Keith says i dont wana to talk about food as it looks cheap, you.
Mandana says i never start fight, i just defend myself, Prince says i never instigate anyone, why you are bringing me in all this Rochelle?Everyones face registered expression of shock and dismay when the housemates realised that the prize money now stands.Priyanka 's behaviour towards, rohan.Mandana says to Rishab that your friend is touching everything in kitchen, Rishab says she is cookign food and you can eat your luxury food, we eat like this, Priya says she cant call me untouchable, i have touched everything, Mandana says you can.BookMyShow website Social media Google Friend Other What kind of articles would you like to read on the blog?* Film Reviews Bollywood Updates Hollywood Updates Bollywood and Western Music Style and Fitness Tips Television News and Entertainment Celebrity Gossip Theatre, Drama and Plays Name E-mail.For all those who have missed watching the show, here are some updates and highlights from the Bigg Boss episodes that aired all week to keep you posted on whatever happened.Rishab says to Priya that i was winning sand task but they ganged up and made me lose so its their plan back-firing.

4:00pm, rishab says to Mandana that give him mop, this is his work, Mandana says let me do it, Rishab says okay mop it, thank you for doing my work and i will mop with this mop only, clean it after cleaning floor, Mandana gets.
35 Lakhs, Bigg boss says this is last offer made, Bigg boss says to inmates that there will be no change in options of this task, means one from Kishwar or Prince has to leave with money and one will get ticket to finale, Kishwar.
12:30pm, rochelle says i cant survive this attitude, Mandana, Priya and Prince are killing our appetite too, she asks Mandana she feels she will win by behaving this way?