But it's awkward if you're overly generous when someone got you a salad tray and tongs.
Guests may still be confused, especially when confronted with crowdfunding sites such as m, where gift givers may sign up to contribute to a couples honeymoon, the down payment on a house or even a years worth of housecleaning.
We wanted our friends company, not their cash.It's perfectly acceptable to factor in the total cost when considering how much to give, said Rosemary Caligiuri, managing director of United Capital in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.Relationship, there's no hard-and-fast rule, but in general, your bestest bestie gets more than your coworker.Engagement gifts seem to be more of an East Coast thing, while bachelorette-party gifts are popular elsewhere, so adjust the numbers to suit the number of gifts you're giving, but keep a majority allocated for the wedding gift.Sarah Heckroth, who was married in January in Austin, Tex., said most people who gave her gifts followed the wedding registry.PS: If you're giving money, opt for a check over cash in case your card gets.
We got married in 1968, and for some reason people gave us multiple bun warmers, said Daryl Perch of Storrs, Conn.
Mitchell, who spent 23 years directing special events and protocol at the Library of Congress, advises checking the registry, and in the absence of a registry, giving a thoughtful gift or writing a check.
And if someone is a transplant and the family is from the East Coast, the number goes up, she said.It was less than I would usually spend but I had spent a lot on flights to travel to the wedding.When we got married, me and my partner had a money jar that people could add to anonymously, to remove the pressure.Its a personal choice and it really depends on what your friends and family members are like.The amount you give depends on how well you know the person, and how good youve both been at keeping contact.Your 10dollarmall coupon code 2015 presence is present enough.".