Leon having troubles of his own, ambushed by a gang of villagers.
Other mods will need to be updated by the authors.The option is added to the "Extras" section in the main burlington trailways bus discount code menu after unlocking the first report.Bitores Mendez, Ada gets a call from Wesker to inform her that the researcher they planted, Luis Sera, has been captured by Mendez and is being held in a house on the other side of the village.Wesker calls, telling her that they might be able to use Leon as a distraction to harass Saddler and his men.A short time later, Leon arrives on top of the structure where Saddler and Ada are waiting, Ada tied and hanging from a rope.Eventually, Ada is tranquilized and captured.
I tried different ways, through arctool and ddda Tool, but neither seem to work for whst I need.
After defeating her, Ada retrieves the Green Catseye, returns to the church and solves a puzzle to retrieve the Round Insignia, then switches it with the Green Catseye.Marcos RC : Just play and use ninja ripper or DX Ripper.Krauser, badly burned and injured, had survived both Leon's assault and the explosions that destroyed the ruins and he intends to pay Ada back for her earlier humiliation.Resident Evil 4 after the GameCube version.For now though, there are only a few villagers, including a second Chainsaw Sister who is possession of the key Ada needs to advance.The Chicago Typewriter can be made available for the mode by completing Assignment: Ada.Successfully completing Separate Ways will unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the main game.But she does not see one of Saddler's tentacles and is captured.Gorapaduck : Please make a re2 ada wong wearing a red mini dress.In the Research Lab, collect the Plaga Sample and then defend yourself from the enemies that lock-down the room.

The sudden arrival of the cultists somewhat hampers Ada's efforts to escape the maze, but she makes it with little difficulty.
Impressed, Wesker remarks that Leon doesn't die easily.