alabama energy rebate program

Funding for the State Energy Program comes from.S.
Heres how the numbers pencil out for an Alabama solar purchase with a heloc: Installing a typical 5-kW solar system should start at about 20,000.Read more about solar loans below.The chart above shows the 25-year returns for an investment in solar whether you spartan race grand prize choose to purchase a system with cash or pay over time with a loan.The bad news is your loan payments will be higher than those energy bill savings, so you'll end up spending about 100/month for solar in the first year.Below are some PDF documents about biofuels that you may find useful: AU Muncipal Biodiesel Guide, regulatory Requirements for Biofuel Production Facilities.Solar Loans in Alabama.Your solar panels are offsetting so much dirty electricity, it's like planting 113 trees per year!Will it save you lots of money over the long term?NPV is just a tool used to compare investments.Take a look at our line.Your home's hushpuppies com promo code value just increased by close to 8,000, too (your expected annual electricity savings over 20 years)!
Even with that slower (than other states) payback time frame, you can still expect to get about 10 years of profits (yes, profits) out of your solar power system.
A solar purchase like this will make sense for you if the following is true about you and your current situation: You can get a home-equity line of credit (heloc) for 20,000, with a fixed rate.5 or lower and a 15-year repayment period.After the tax credit we subtract your first years energy savings, which we estimate to be about 749.When a disaster happens, whether natural or man-made, the state activates its Emergency Operations Plan, and members of all state agencies report to the Emergency Operations Center in Clanton.If you take a home equity line of credit (heloc though, your payments over 15 years will be a little more than your savings, but you'll still come out ahead in the end.In addition to all that cash (and home value youve created some green for the earth as well by not using electricity from fossil-fuels.Still, beating the stock market with a better-than-7 return is nothing to sneeze.Dont worry even without state incentives, you can still knock a big chunk off the price right off the bat.We'll ask you a few simple questions about you and your home.From loans and leases to power-purchase agreements, there first communion gifts non religious are a lot of options out there.Below are some websites you may find useful regarding emergency preparedness: Phone: (334).