In his principal work Und Afrika sprach, translated into English as The Voice of Africa, Frobenius urged: "Let there be light!
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However, most South and Central American archaelogists do agree the Negroes were here before Columbus.Riva-Palacio, Mexican marketing gifts for customers historian, says, It is indisputable that in very ancient times the Negro race occupied our territory (Mexico) when the two continents were joined.In the time of Jonathan Swift (1667-1745 as the satirist informs us, geographers in drawing African maps would fill in the gaps with savage pictures.According to some authorities, the stimulus to Greek art came from Africa.The blunt truth is that the first colonists, Spaniards and English, were able to do little with them.Leaving consideration of separate portions of the continent and considering Africa as a whole, we may say that the Africans were at one time the greatest metal workers of the world they were the first to smelt iron and use the forge.But The spell has ben napa legend battery rebate broken.After that fair I was offered the chance to teach evening classes and the chance to rent a small workshop.
A notable exception to the United States archaeologists and their denial that Negroes were here before Columbus was the late Leo Wiener, professor of philology at Harvard University.
By the peoples in the region of the Great Lakes.It seems not unlikely that the people who made the marvelous discovery of reducing iron ore by smelting were the African Negroes.They also had a glass factory.If you love South Africa, then a LBM album is a definite must-have in your music collection.Their relics have been found in graves there, most notably a pipe with a Negro face.