HE WAS born march 19, 1918 IN northport, michigan AND MY mother suzanne (peplinski) garthe, SHE IS 86 years OLD.
The foreign spheres of influence, however, threatened their ambitions.
Hi Robert So pleased to hear your operation went well and that you are now getting back to normal. .Most of my friends were mad on the rock and roll idols of that era and used to laugh at me when I said you were my favourite actor. .Hopefully one day it will appear in your website. .Robert Horton was my favorite movie star when I was in high school, and I watched all of the Wagon discount house plants online Train episodes he was. .Sincerely, Priscilla Buttson Peterson I've loved you since the days of Wagon Train!It must of meant a lot to her, you had written HI dorothy nash then signed your name.I must say you were my sister's favorite crush, and our scrapbooks were filled with 'cowboys'.Susan Theiss Greetings; while returning from a nite time jog, I thought of Westerns in the '60s.They don't make 'em like they used to!
The most amassing single hour of television drama I have seen to this day was the Wagon Train episode "The Kitty Angel Story".
For two years they'd been fighting for their independence from Spain.I never saw you on the stage (I would have loved to see you in Carousel or 110 or Oklahoma but I still watch rebroadcasts of the series.Toni Rhodes Glover A Life belt gift meaning Long Fan Happy Birthday! .A while ago I saw the movie "the green slime and since than i'm a huge fan.Take care and it was nice writing.Best wishes from Yorkshire, England, Elaine Mason Dearest.Thanks so much for your wonderful performances and especially for that night!Yours, Buddy Mahoney Seattle,.

I always tell people how fortunate my husband and I are that we were born in the early 50's.