Over the chronograph he has achieved ES under 7 and SD in the low single digits (see chron video below).
Make sure you have sufficient clearance between the neck and the side of the chamber.Many 7mm-08 shooters prefer to use necked-down.308 Winchester brass, either because they have an existing supply.308 cases or because they prefer using Lapua brass.Power Rank:.9 of 20, the 7mm-08 Remington was designed in 1980 by Remington Arms Company.Bullets weighing from 100 to 195 2 grains are available.Pressures can vary dramatically from one barrel to another.2.312" Base to Ogive.However, Vihtavuori N170 would not give me sufficient velocity even with a full case but Vihtavuori N570 gives good velocity but I could never quite match the accuracy obtained with the Reloder.Out of the box, the Norma is more consistent in weight, and the necks are more uniform.Another 50 or even 100 fps will not get me to switch unless I can get the same accuracy in all conditions."?.284 Shehane Case Capacity: Out of a sample of 10 fire-formed 284 Shehane cases.Although the brass is not as uniform as Lapua, it is also half the price.
I had six rounds left of.5 grain load from October 31st with the 180 JLKs.
Jerry Tierney, a past nbrsa 1000-yard champion and.284 Win "guru has observed that overly tight chamber neck tolerances can cause accuracy problems.Powders and Primers With the heavy bullets, slow powders such as H1000, H4831sc, Reloder 25, Norma MRP, and Ramshot Magnum work best.Short Magnum Cartridges by Chuck Hawks Gen'l discussion of cartridge performance.I would call.0 grains (for 3078 fps) the MAX, but that load would have to be adjusted down for hot weather.Nonetheless, the fact that the.284 Shehane can now deliver short-magnum-class speeds (using 10 grains less powder than a WSM) is big news-and hushpuppies com promo code a real break-through.