I know it may seem impersonal to give a gift certificate, biodermis coupon code 2017 but seriously, it is a great gift because Sister can choose what she needs.
Maybe she's your child's teacher or principal, or maybe she's a coworker or mentor, or maybe she's your cousin or aunt.Moviegoing is another activity a lot of bank of america rewards card login religious do not do a whole lot.I thought I might make your life easier (and theirs) by giving you some ideas:.Nuns also experience financial hardship and would greatly benefit from donations.I have a lot of d when I first joined the convent I quickly tired of sweets (except for chocolate) because cookies and cakes are the first gift many people think to give nuns.It is even more difficult to buy something for the person who has nothing (or very little).Whatever it is, consider donating to that charity or cause.Nothing wrong with this, but just know that nuns can receive and do appreciate non-religious gifts too.Giving to Sister's religious community is also a very good thing.It helps every so often to have a spare 20 or something to help out someone in need or to eat out one night or to pick up a new book or to get that runny sink fixed once and for all.They've got rules about stuff like that, don't they?
Not to mention that when you donate to religious you support the Churchs mission and their various individual charisms of spreading the gospel, teaching, serving the poor, etc.
By virtue of our vow of poverty and our community life, nuns live simply.
If you are handy, offer to sew or do light carpentry for the sisters.Also, you may think nuns wont appreciate a sporting event.Give something that Sister can share with her community.I have ever met.Paul have a new uplifting album and the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist have a new rosary CD with music and meditations.Money : It may sound crass but any superior of any religious house will tell you that money is always appreciated for the normal things they have to worry about (e.g.When I was a novice a kind priest brought my whole group to see the Boston Pops.