Notepad and pen - to write down things as you start to lose your memory.
They didn't have a photo so above is my "artist's impression" of what it might have looked like.Nothing, that empire electric solar rebate is, but creaky joints.and an achy back, and a few other points.You can find badge making kits in craft stores.Band-aids or blister blockers - for your party-feet.To make a neat gift, you turn these facts from their birth year into a personalized poster like this: Click here to personalize and print your poster More ideas.I'm 30 and I feel great.You're now officially OLD.Depressing, but not old.Funny 30th birthday gag gifts and humor to inspire you for this significant birthday.Or you could use this online medal generator to make an image of a medal and then print it out.
For a balding guy, an alternative tombstone message could be: "In loving memory of (Name s Hair" Funny Newspaper Clipping Use our handy newspaper generator to make a fake newspaper story about how your friend has turned 30 and is now officially "old".
Among the greatest things about giving gifts is your thought that they dont always have to be taken seriously, and that occasionally, gifts can be quite funny.
Thus, there are lots of joke or gag gifts that revolve around the notion of becoming old and in a way needle the receiver in their continuous but definitely increasing of decades.Use this online tombstone generator to create tombstone that says "In loving memory of (Name s Youth.A fantastic work-out VCR cassette in the 1980s (possibly a Jane Fonda work-out tape or a nasty snowman wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a pink flamingo, or 20 year old cigars your dad never smoked can be a fantastic gag gifts because the majority of folks.Turning 30 is quite a milestone in life, and you're now meant to be more responsible and grown-up, right?Starbursts - for the extra burst of energy you'll need now you're older.Attach a real magnifying glass to the card or wrap it up to give her along with it to add to the humour factor.I wanted to write and let you know that my friend loved his birthday did cheap easy wedding gifts all his friends and family at the birthday party!" Jana, Virginia.Geriatric Items, for the new 70-year-old who is uncharacteristically in shape and athletic for his age, a gag gift that makes fun of his senior citizen status provides a bit of irony along with humour.If you're looking for more gift ideas, here are some other pages you might enjoy: Age Definition poster More Gag Gifts Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas Comments Have your say about what you just read!Tissues - for any emotional moments as you farewell your youth.

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