25 unisex grab bag gift ideas

Let the frequent traveler in your life know you want them to travel in style.
Anyway, here are twenty-five inexpensive ideas that Im a fan.Why not create a gift basket around a theme?It requires teamwork, good communication, and free southwest vouchers smart decision-making to win and its short enough that it can be played over and over again.That means that I simply wear out pens over time.Gift lists are good for that last-minute person or for the person you dont know that well, not for your spouse.Slip a handwritten note that wishes the recipient a joyous year to come and says that you love them along with the gift and you make it even more meaningful.XL Soft Cover Ruled Notebook from Moleskine.19.A few decks of ordinary Bicycle playing cards (and rules for card games) If you know someone who enjoys playing card games and seems to always be suggesting that people shuffle up and deal, a few decks of playing cards can be a nice gift.This might seem like a great idea for a child, but why would I like it?
It doesnt take up much space you could play it on a train or on an airplane, too.
I fill mine up with all kinds of things, from the events of the day to ideas for short stories.Some of the cards are becoming marked from overuse, which is a sign that it may need to be retired soon.I often wind up running pens completely out of ink and while I do have a nice pen set that I refill, I usually have several good quality pens around.Why a few decks?My copies of these books are littered with highlights and handwritten scribbles because Ive read and re-read and worn these books out.I do that sometimes anyway, but a gift like this becomes a ticket to spend time with them on a creative project.For the fitness junkie, throw together a gym bags worth of workout gear and equipment.Well, Im a parent, and a gift like this would give me a great opportunity to sit down at a table and make some drawings with my children.

These days all you need is 5 and a smartphone and the stock market is your oyster.
Many of these items have great synergy together and most of them could combine into an eclectic mixed gift.