2017 quarter 3 tournament kit prizes

Top 8: Each player receives a 3 x 3 playmat.
Every player needs one of these in their kit, and eight skilled pilots will leave with one in their possession!
Top 8 An acrylic full-length range ruler.Core Prize Card: Sixteen copies of the alternate art card " Tactician ".Elite Prize: 2 sets of 5 acrylic focus tokens.(Not pictured.) Point out the ships that have had the misfortune of pushing themselves a little too far with these flashy acrylic tokens.X-Wing is a game of crafty maneuvers and being able to mess with your opponents can swing the dogfight your way.Day 2 Participation : Each player receives a set of acrylic Weapons Disabled tokens.This unique prize is both!By revealing your maneuver dial and then executing your maneuver with one of these exclusive maneuver templates.Check with your local store to see if they are hosting universal horror nights military discount a Clash of Fates tournament with their kit, or if they have another type of event planned.All Participants: Each player receives one alternate art Chewbacca pilot card.
Top 4: Each player receives an art print of Boba Fetts Slave I signed by the artist, Ben Zweifel.
2014 Season One Tournament Kit Edit Contents: One exclusive medal for the tournament champion Two movie still versions of Colonel Jendon Seventeen movie still versions of Dagger name two gifts that cost little to nothing Squadron Pilot Two card boxes one Imperial and one Rebel Alliance for storing ship cards, upgrade cards, and.Reach out with the Force and support your local.3 Kylo Ren Elite Prize Cards Show your opponents the Dark Side with this powerful alternate art character!Top Four: The top four players each receive one challenge coin (plus one for the judge/TO).Make new friends, face new opponents, learn new strategies, and play the games you love more often.2017 Quarter 2 Tournament Kit Contents 17 Electroshock Core Prize Cards This alternate art card will shock your opponent, and help you to control their problematic dice.Winner: The World Champion receives a 2015 World Champion trophy, a 3 x 3 playmat, and the greatest prize in gaming, the chance to design a card for X-Wing!Top eclectic eccentricity discount code 2017 Sixteen: The top sixteen players will each receive a set of 3 acrylic Thermal Detonator tokens - a favorite of bomb users who enjoy controlling the battlefield.These kits serve as the entryway to FFGs Organized Play programs, and the prizes inside each kit are completely refreshed each quarter.

Top Four: The top four players each receive a set of acrylic maneuver templates that are certain to make you stand out as an ace.