This is only the prize bond that is bought more than 92 percent of the other denominations.
1,000,000 for 03 lucky persons and the third last prize.The first prize has.5 lac prize amount that is given to single lucky number.200 Prize Bond by National savings of Pakistan with First Second and Third prize winners list.1st Prize Amount: Rs.75,000,000/ 680868 2nd Prize Amount: .25,000,000/ Prizes.500, Check Latest 40000 Passed Draw List Deno 40000 Results On keepsake birthday gifts September 03 2018 Held at Multan Deno 40000 Results On June 01 2018 Held at Peshawar Deno 40000 Results On March 01 2018 Held.40000/ and millions persons are buy these bonds for there self and think about thats project make a millionaire throughout this fabulous scheme of money.Prize bond 200, complete list download for all current and past years to get your lucky number where is hidden.The Third prize winners of Draw no 74, held in Peshawar on the same date arepresented below on the page.September 17, 2018 -.200June 15, 2018 -.200March 15, 2018 -.200December 15, 2017 -.200September 15, 2017 -.200June 15, 2017 -.200March 15, 2017 -.200December 15, 2016 -.200September 15, 2016 -.200June 15, 2016 -.200March 15, 2016 -.200December.13, 2nd Floor, Executive Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan m pkprizebond.
The reward for the winner of the first prize is of worth.75,000,000 and the Prize bond number 680868, Second prize reward is of worth.25,000,000 and the fortunate winners have the prize bond numbers of 164758,250209,344250.
Because this is cheap and most of the Pakistani public plus low salary persons can afford it easily.3,000,000/- 212238, second Prize.1,000,000/- Each.The First Prize.According to our sources the Central Directorate of Government is ready and early up to date this draw is held in the Multan on here.Menu, draw Result of Prize Bond 40,000 Held at Peshawar On Friday National Savings Pakistan Draw.74, prize bond results for.The second prize having.5 lac worth is awarded to five lucky numbers.Multan (Tuesday, 15 August, 2017).

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The 200 rupee prize bond is famous and old prize bond having low worth but more prizes that all other big cost prize bond.
Draw.1,500/- prize bond, hELD AT Multan, draw.